The ij.start.canon setup is the basic connection of the Canon printer with the device with a Laptop, PC, Smartphone, tablet, Mac, etc. A setup of Canon printer can be wire or wireless. The wireless connection of Canon IJ printers uses the WiFi LAN router and Bluetooth connection or Networks. Canon printers are also known as multitasking printers. Because of their nature to Copy, Scan, Print, and Fax make, the printer multitask.

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The setup of the Ij start Canon printer begins with the unboxing process that removes the printer from the printer's Box. And they are also explaining the things to do and not to do. Even the things needed to connect the Canon printer are also given in the Box with the printer. If the users want to know the detailed setup process of the Canon IJ printer, then follow the steps below;

Things to do while setup of ij.start.canon printer:-

Before the setup of a Canon printer, one must follow or keep some points in mind. Following are those points that a user must follow while the ij. starts.canon setup;

LAN network connection:-

Before connecting or setup of Canon printer with any device, the printer must be connected to the WiFi router. The WiFi router must have LAN network connectivity. So check the connectivity first and then go for setup.

High-speed internet:-

The WiFi LAN network must have a high-speed internet connection to set up the ij Canon printer. With the high internet connection, the printer setup is easy and fast.

Updated devices:-

The device the user needs to connect or set up the printer must help me up to date. The version of the device should be up to date. So use the latest version of the device for ij start Canon printer setup.

Selecting driver or software:-

Firstly check your driver's name and then search for the software or driver for that device. Don't use any other model number's driver for any other printer. So check your printer's model or serial number before downloading the driver or software.

The WiFi connection of the printer:-

While setting the Canon printer, one must check the connectivity of the printer's WiFi. The user must turn on the WiFi to search for the printer. Or the user must turn on the LAN network of the WiFi router by pressing the LAN button on the router.

How to use the WPS connection to set up a Canon printer?

Before using the driver or connecting the printer to the driver, the first step is to go for a WPS connection. Following are the steps to prepare the device for WPS connection;

ij canon printer

  • Now start the process by turning the printer power switch ON.
  • Now go to the screen of your printer.
  • If the screen is off, turn it on by pressing the Copy button on the printer.
  • Then press the WiFi button on the printer.
  • Or go to the printer's settings and locate the printer's WiFi option.
  • Now turn on the router or WiFi router.
  • Press the WPS button on the router.
  • Press and hold the WPS button on the router.
  • Do the process two times.
  • After that, go to the printer's screen and select your WiFi name.
  • Then enter the password if needed.
  • And connection will begin.
  • The WPS connection of the ij.start.canon setup is successful.

Configuration of ij.start.canon setup via wireless LAN connection:-

The following and standard method of the wireless setup of canon printers is the wireless LAN connection which is very easy. Following is the process of connecting the canon printer using the wireless LAN method;

  • Now go to the printer and turn it on by pressing the power button on the printer.
  • Then the green light will blink.
  • After that, open the printer's settings on the printer screen.
  • Or press the setup button on the printer.
  • Then go for wireless LAN settings.
  • There click on the Standard setup option.
  • Now searching for the network will begin.
  • Now select the network connection from the list of networks.
  • Then choose the SSID and enter the password using the keyboard of your printer.
  • And then move for connecting.
  • That's its connection to the wireless LAN network to set up the canon printer successfully.

To download and install setup or driver for ij.start.canon:-

To set up the canon printer with a PC, Mac, or any other device, the user must have the driver or software to connect the canon printer wirelessly. Following is the process of downloading and installing the driver for the canon printer;

  • Open the browser and search for the website ij.start.canon.
  • The home page will open.
  • There select the Setup option.
  • Then enter the model number of your printer and click on the Go option.
  • Or you can also find the model number by selecting the first letter of your printer's series number.
  • After finding the driver user need to choose the operating system.
  • If you use Windows operating system, select windows, and if you use Mac, use Mac.
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions and go for the Download option.
  • Now downloading will begin.
  • After downloading the setup, double-click on it.
  • Then click on the Run option.
  • Then accept the Agreement.
  • Now installing will start.
  • After installation of setup or software, connect the Canon printer with the software.
  • And then install the needed software on the driver.
  • That's it; the setup of the canon printer driver is successful.

Perform test print or Add printer process:-

After the setup of the canon printer, the next step is to perform a test print or add a print. The step is to check whether the printer connection is successful or not. Follow the steps below;

  • After installation, open the driver or software.
  • Then test print option will open.
  • Click on the Test print option.
  • Now test page will open.
  • Click on the Test print option.
  • Then the test printing process will begin.
  • After that, open any image or document and go for the print option.
  • You can customise the number of copies and size of the page.
  • And finally, go for Print.
  • The printing will process.
  • That's it; the setup of ij.start.canon Setup is successful.